About us

EDLAB (Engineering Design Lab) is a collaborative space with a diverse range of engineers and designers to provide versatile and creative solutions to all the engineering and design problems.

At EDLAB we are combining leading CAD technology, additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, and conventional manufacturing to provide all in one engineering and design solutions. 

As designers and engineers, we recognised a space in the industry where there is no single platform to bring all the requirements of product development under one roof. We complete that vacuum by providing our clients with design, manufacturing and servicing of their products in a single platform.

At EDLAB we believe that design is so much more than just “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of objects before it is made”

“Design is also perspective, requirements, constraints, competitive edge, satisfaction and necessity for industry 4.0.” – EDLAB


Product Design | Machine Design | Automotive Parts Design | Reverse Engineering | 3D modelling & drafting (CAD) | CAD Simulation & analysis (FEA and CFD) | Design optimisation | 3D Scanning | 3D Printing | Electronic & RF Repairs | PCB reworks & modification.