Engineering, Design and Support

Engineers and designers at Edlab see all problems as opportunities, we are agile enough to work in all situations. We gather important information about the problem and generate possible solutions at each step of our process. Our engineering and design process always starts with a specific goal. 

Our clients can engage us in product development, support, and product servicing. We provide low-risk affordable solutions considering time, cost, and the physical constraints of tools and materials. 

We use various design techniques and methods to develop results and our process is iterative to make sure the clients desired outcome is achieved.

What is Design to us?

 “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of objects before it is made” – Definition

“Design is also perspective, requirements, constraints, competitive edge, satisfaction and necessity for industry 4.0.” – EDLAB

Services and Capabilities

Product Design

Reverse engineering

CAD simulation & analysis (FEA and CFD)

3D modelling and drafting (CAD)

3D printing

Electronics and RF repairs

3D scanning

PCB reworks and modification

Automotive parts design

Design optimisation, generative design, topology optimisation

Machine Design