This particular design project was one that was created by the director of EDLAB: Daniyal Baig. It was an industry led project to design caravan for Jayco Caravans. The objective of the design studio was to come up with best proposition to disability accessible caravans. Daniyal’s proposed design is two floor caravan that can accommodate up to six people and has complete accessibility. The caravan has expendable top that has sun roof for all the adventures and a lift for easy access. All the wheel chair design consideration has been taken in consideration. Virtual reality simulation are generated for one to one user experience.

The design for disability was highly research orientated design project where we collaborate with various stakeholders and users to gather necessary information. Daniyal worked with various design techniques to drive his proposition. A user journey map was designed and benchmarking schemes were set in order to obtain user-based design solutions. He observed and experienced needs of being in a wheelchair by putting himself in the users’ shoes and spending days in a wheelchair trying to go about his daily life. This was a very important insight to be innovative as this enabled further development considerations in current solutions.

Applying design strategies such as User-Centered design, Universal design, Inclusive Design and User-Sensitive Inclusive Design. Applying Design Anthropology obtain data on disability culture. Ergonomic and body scheme principals to develop sketches. Applying User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). 3D modeling and rendering the caravan using Solidworks and photo360. Generating Virtual Reality (VR) model on one-to-one scale using unreal engine.